2 New Features That Make Campus Access Control More Manageable

Continental Access and Napco have just released two product upgrades that will help campuses quickly lockdown, easily grant and remove badge authorization and more.

Continental Access has just added two new features to our CardAccess 4000 (CA4K) software program. The first is our active directory at the badge level. This allows a school, healthcare facility or other type of campus tie in to its HR department. Now, if an employee is terminated, when HR takes that person out of the system, it automatically links to the CA4K software package and disables that person’s badge.

So, instead of there being a disconnect where somebody’s let go from the organization and nobody tells facilities or security that they were let go, now automatically that badge is taken out of the system.

At the same time we can go the other direction. If we have a new hire, now HR can put all of the pertinent information in on that employee, and that information now populates the CA4K software. When it’s populated, then all security must do when they have a new hire is issue them their new card and put the card into the system. It’s a great way for two-way communication between HR and the CA4K software.

The second new feature that Continental Access has released is our mobile app. The app lets users do basic CA4K functions from their cell phones. So now from the mobile app, hospitals, schools, businesses, government buildings and other organizations can lockdown.

The app can also disable badges at anytime. So, if someone is terminated on a Friday night, you can disable their badge from your mobile app.

The app also enables you to lock or unlock a door remotely from your cell phone. Additionally, you can run a who’s-in-last list, as well as retrieve a muster list.

With our new app you can do basic features, but these features are important. Instead of having to run back to your office to log onto your work computer or having to log on from your laptop, you can use your cell phone or tablet to remotely take a person out of the system, lock or unlock a door, do a lockdown and even pull up a muster list to find out who’s in the building or who hasn’t come in yet.

Scott Schramme is vice president of sales for Continental Access.


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