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CDC Report Shows Largest One-Year Increase in Youth Suicide Rate in 15 Years

Read: Why You Should Care About NIMS and NFPA Standards

Why You Should Care About NIMS and NFPA Standards

Campus officials should have a clear understanding of NIMS, NFPA 1600 and NFPA 1561, as well as incorporate these codes into their emergency management programs. This first part of our three-part series discusses how both public and private sector institutions that do this can reduce their exposure to litigation in the aftermath of an incident and be better able to respond to the event itself.

Read: How to Respond to Excited Delirium

How to Respond to Excited Delirium

This mysterious condition is a primary cause of in-custody death. Campus officers must know how to recognize it and respond appropriately.

As I See It: Multiple Modes of Mass Notification Make Sense

Recent tragic events have shined a giant spotlight on college campuses’ crisis communication tools and their limitations. While it is extremely challenging to prepare for every crisis situation, multichannel communication tools significantly improve a campus’ ability to reach its community in the fastest, most efficient and effective method possible. As such, these tools must be a cornerstone of any prudent college or university crisis response plan.

Read: Vehicle Alternative Stands Out From the Crowd

Vehicle Alternative Stands Out From the Crowd

Although traditional police cruisers, motorcycles and bicycles all have their places in campus law enforcement, more and more hospitals and universities are looking at other ways to transport their officers. The Carolinas HealthCare System and University of Maryland are just two institutions that have adopted a different approach that has increased the productivity of their police and security personnel.

Federal Va. Tech Report Released

Studies Using Human Volunteers Affirm TASER Safety

Campus Safety Releases Additional Salary Survey Findings

Get Our Guards Certified

ASBC Calls For Cell Phone Ban

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