Why Schools Need Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

When it comes to keeping students and staff safe from school shootings, vandalism, and other types of violent or destructive incidents, Pelco goes above and beyond to create industry-leading surveillance solutions.

Why Schools Need Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

By Christie Chaney and Brooke Christopher

Every day, millions of college students rely on their campus to be a safe learning environment. Without an effective surveillance strategy, cafeterias, dorms, and classrooms become increasingly vulnerable to campus violence and destruction, which can result in anything from liability costs to loss of life. The good news is that Pelco provides college campuses with a wide variety of intelligent and efficient surveillance solutions that help keep students and staff safe from harm.

Here’s why having a comprehensive video surveillance solution helps to make campuses safer:

Curbs unauthorized entry on campuses.

One of the first ways to protect campuses is to address the problem of unauthorized entry. Whether it’s an intruder entering areas only meant for faculty or someone breaking in after hours, incidents like theft and vandalism can often be exacerbated. By adding cameras inside and outside of the college, campuses can eliminate blind spots and capture evidence of incidents like theft and vandalism. Certain cameras offer protection from the elements and can work in high or low light situations. This enables personnel to understand exactly what happened and how the damage occurred when discover in the morning. Most importantly, these cameras can serve as a powerful deterrent for potential vandalizers.

Monitors students with unparalleled efficiency. With unauthorized entry, it is just as essential to be able to monitor students during times when classes are conducted, since there is a likelihood that violence ranging from a verbal altercation to a physical assault can occur between students at any time. However, it can take several days for security administrators to comb through hundreds of hours of video feeds, and by the time anything is detected, it may be too late. With features such as facial and object recognition, Pelco provides accurate and efficient surveillance solutions for campuses by automatically identifying patterns of movement and behavior, and if necessary, alerting security personnel and law enforcement when it detects a potentially violent incident.

Optimizes campus surveillance.

Did you know that our intelligent surveillance solutions can not only save lives and prevent harm to students and staff, but also help reduce property damage and liability costs stemming from vandalism and even active shooter incidents? By incorporating our industry-leading surveillance solutions, violent and destructive events on campus are detected before they even happen. A top-notch video surveillance solution should have the ability to immediately alert the security team to a potential threat. This saves time, which ultimately saves lives. It can also be used to ensure overall compliance with campus regulation, which adds another layer of prevention from unsafe situations.

Safer Campuses, Stronger Communities

Surveillance solutions are a great way to ensure that communities can continue to look to college campuses as safe and enriching environments. When we use effective methods for reducing violence, drugs, and other problems that can detract from the learning experience, they set students up for success long after graduation.

Campus violence is among the most pressing concerns that plague colleges across the country. That’s why Pelco works hard to make sure you have the latest surveillance technology, ranging from our surveillance cameras such as the High Security Corner Mount Sarix IBD Camera to our video management system VideoXpert, so students and staff can enjoy a safe learning environment all year round.

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