Shirtless Man Buzzed into Park Lane Elementary Had Gun, Drugs

The town’s police chief is now calling for the principal’s firing after the man was buzzed in despite his concerning behavior.

Shirtless Man Buzzed into Park Lane Elementary Had Gun, Drugs

The man was walking around shirtless outside the school in near-freezing temperatures.

A man who was behaving bizarrely outside a Darby, Penn., elementary school but was buzzed in anyway reportedly had a loaded gun and drugs on his person.

Police say the security officer at Park Lane Elementary School saw a man, later identified as 21-year-old Nazher Sabree, walking around shirtless in 37-degree weather and rummaging through bags at approximately 9 a.m. Friday.

The security officer also saw Sabree conversing with a Verizon technician and believed “the young man was one of the Verizon workers,” reports The Daily Times.

Several hours later, a school employee who recognized Sabree as a former student buzzed him into the building despite his concerning behavior.

Principal Dr. Dawnee Watson-Bouie was notified that Sabree “was not behaving in a normal fashion” and confronted him.

Sabree asked if anyone had brought in a bag he was looking for. Watson-Bouie said she would investigate and escorted him to the lobby area beyond secure doors where he could not regain access to the rest of the building.

“The Security Officer and Dr. Watson-Bouie walked the building to make sure everything was secure. When they reached the back doors, they observed the young man in the baseball field behind the school and called 9-1-1,” read a statement from the school district.

Sabree was eventually arrested following a struggle with four police officers. He allegedly threatened the responding officers with a stolen semi-automatic handgun and had drugs on him.

“Upon notification of a weapon, Dr. Watson-Bouie put the building into a lockdown,” continued the statement.

Darby Borough Police Chief Robert Smythe says the incident was a “major security breach” and is calling for the firing of Watson-Bouie for how the situation was handled, according to ABC 6.

“Why would you let the guy in when he was acting strangely to begin with? I mean, who is standing around outside shirtless at 9 a.m. picking up bags?” said Smythe.

Smythe is also questioning why Watson-Bouie did not use the school’s panic button to alert police of an armed intruder and why she waited three hours before contacting police.

The school district’s statement said Watson-Bouie didn’t use the panic button because there was no evidence Sabree was armed.

Panic buttons were installed in every primary and secondary school in the district in June 2013 following the Sandy Hook shooting.

District administrators say they will continue to investigate the incident and plan for “possible additional safeguards and procedures for admittance into school buildings.”

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Amy has many close relatives and friends who are teachers, motivating her to learn and share as much as she can about campus security. She has a minor in education and has worked with children in several capacities, further deepening her passion for keeping students safe.

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5 responses to “Shirtless Man Buzzed into Park Lane Elementary Had Gun, Drugs”

  1. Ray Navarro says:

    Ok at some point we have to start thinking about our public schools as private during the school day with limited and restricted access, just like airports. If you don’t have an appointment and haven’t been cleared to entry in advance then you simply cant be allowed inside. The idea that public schools are open to anyone including unannounced parent’s is 90% of the problem. After the bell rings and the kids are gone, then fine the public is welcome to use the space for other actives. We don’t just show up at a courthouse without a reason or are we allowed past the TSA checkpoint without a valid ticket to fly. Like it or not our public schools are now targets, and they make great targets of opportunity since we are still thinking about these facilities in a 1970’s mindset. Until we are a nation come to the realization that public schools must restrict access during the school day we will continue to have events like this that endanger the students, staff and authorized visitors.

  2. Joseph Waters says:

    In my district If you don’t have an appointment or haven’t been cleared to entry in advance you can only enter if you need to pickup your child for another reason. They now require a parent to state their child’s name, grade, reason for coming into the school and another piece of information such as birthday before you can enter the school. An example i was going to pick my daughter up for a doctor appointment. Before i was allow in to the school, I have five children so they know me, I had to provide the additional information.

  3. David Augustine says:

    Most of the problems in cases like this are “familiarity.” The individual was a former student and for some reason, people don’t seem to understand that if there is no definitive reason for that individual to have access, they shouldn’t. I’ve seen where there were special activities going on during the day (Veteran’s Day celebration, Thanksgiving parent lunch, etc.), and the secure access control is either blocked completely open, or will have a 8.5×11 piece of paper with “UNLOCKED” or “GATE OPEN” and an arrow to the entrance, because it’s “inconvenient” for those operating the access to “buzz in” a large number of people. It’s basically a problem of educating those with access control on how to utilize it.

  4. tom dome says:

    As long as there are borderline defectives in the decision making process incidents like this one will continue to happen. 37 degrees, no shirt, a former student, (21 years of age, and elementary school?)
    didn’t use the panic alarm, no evidence of SUBJECT being armed.
    The “Administrators will continue to investigate” this incident isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of a defective politically motivated system where everyone is really busy patting each other on the back, and blowing the delay, delay, delay smoke.

  5. Donald Ganas says:

    A security officer thought a shirtless man was a Verizon Tech? A PHD educator buzzed a shirtless and odd behaving man in? Administrators continue to investigate? Discharge the officer and principal. Nothing to investigate and no more hardware is necessary. This is a perfect example that we cannot depend solely on security devices. They will always be defeated by a talented adversary or empty minded persons. Train the responsible persons and allow no exceptions!

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