Riot Glass® Systems Provide Next-level Protection Against Forced Entry And Glass Breakage From Vandalism

Glass is the weakest part of any building, and until now, securing the glass cost-effectively has been a real challenge for many schools and campuses. Riot Glass is a new technology that is light weight, incredibly strong, and affordable.

Riot Glass® Systems Provide Next-level Protection Against Forced Entry And Glass Breakage From Vandalism

The safety and security of schools and campuses is an issue of growing concern in the United States. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2021), among students in grades 9–12 who were asked in 2019 about on-campus issues during the previous 12 months, about 7 percent reported having been personally threatened or injured with a weapon.

In 2018, campus burglaries and vandalism accounted for over 10,000 reported incidents, or roughly 35 percent of campus-related crimes (Criminal Incidents at Postsecondary Institutions, 2018).

Glass entrance doors and windows are the most vulnerable part of all buildings. Studies have shown that a majority of schools are not equipped with glass that will prevent or mitigate shattering, allowing for easy access once it has been attacked.

Security window film can be an effective countermeasure, providing a transparent layer of defense that will slow down an intrusion while serving as a deterrent, or to buy additional time for law enforcement and first responders. Security films are typically made of alternating layers that provide additional strength and tear-resistance against vandalism and glass breakage, but they are not impenetrable to the determined attacker.

Riot Glass® Alternative

Riot Glass® systems employ custom-made security glass and framing designs that provide maximum protection and can adapt to almost any existing campus, storefront, commercial or residential property, or glass door.

The systems provide next-level protection to prevent forced entry and ballistic attacks as well as glass breakage caused by vandalism. Designed to install in front of existing glass or behind it, the patented security framing is engineered to accommodate nearly impenetrable infill panels from 3/8” to 1-1/4” in thickness making it the perfect choice for high-level intrusion resistance and ballistic protection.

The ArmorPlast Gen II system is easily installed with standard fasteners and sealants. When installed on the exterior, the installation can even be performed during regular operating hours to minimize or eliminate disruptive downtime. Exterior installed kits also include proprietary tamper-resistant fasteners hidden behind a decorative cap for added security while maintaining a seamless appearance.

For historic buildings or openings that are challenging to cover with traditional window security products, the J Series framing is custom-made to the dimensions of each individual window opening. Acting as an exoskeleton, the J Series provides a suitable structure when required to provide a smooth, stable mounting surface to attach Riot Glass® AP and RG Series systems. J Series sub-framing is available in ballistic and forced entry grades and designed to provide a smooth, even surface for mounting the secondary glazing systems. The J Series is only required when existing framing conditions are not conducive to a retrofit design.


There are a variety of security film options that will provide some level of protection against vandalism and glass breakage, but the most effective solution for security and aesthetic purposes is to secure every window and glass door against an attack. The integrity of Riot Glass® systems is paramount. For maximum safety in school and campus settings, every window and door should be protected as if it will be the only barrier between potential attacks and the precious lives and property behind it.

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