Reliability and Interoperability: The Keys to Anna ISD’s Success

An integrated video and access control system enables this Texas school district to more efficiently investigate incidents. It also allows police to more effectively respond during emergencies.

<p>Video is now much easier to search with Anna ISD’s newly installed security system.</p>“One of the features that I thought was a selling point for 3xLOGIC was the SmartSearch capability,” Copass says. “With the previous system, if an incident happened over the weekend, we would have to search through somewhere up to 70 hours of video. We would just sit there and watch until we were able to see something. Now we are able to use that SmartSearch feature and highlight an area within a certain time frame. It will pull up any movement within that frame. To me that is just awesome! That makes us all more efficient — myself, the SRO and the campus principal. Now we can address situations immediately instead of spending half a day searching through video.”

As with any system, the true effectiveness comes when it is put to the test. At Anna ISD, that test came in the form of a theft.

“Our SRO, George White, conducted the investigation,” Copass states. “We hadn’t had much time to train our principals, or even George, on all the features that 3xLOGIC has to offer. Yet, leading up to this, I created George’s access on the back end of every single DVR and then installed the client on his machine. I configured all of the DVRs on his machine and then basically said, ‘You highlight this, and it is going to connect automatically to the camera, then simply hit the search button to search through video.’ He called me two days later and said he had an incident. In less than five minutes, he found the video he needed. He had already addressed the situation with the campus principal and with the students involved. That was not possible with our previous system.”

District at a Glance
The Anna Independent School District (ISD) is located in rural Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. With a student body exceeding 2,400, Anna ISD supports a growing area consisting of more than 60 square miles in northeast Collin County.

The district has a total of five facilities: the high school, middle school, two elementary schools, and the administration and special programs building. Anna ISD has more than 130 video surveillance cameras deployed.

Michael Irvin is the director of marketing and communications for 3xLOGIC Inc.

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