Reducing the Risks of School Bus Safety and Security Incidents

Campus Safety HQ’s new transportation and emergency preparedness training video will help school bus drivers maintain safety and security.

Most students spend part of their school day being driven to and from school on a bus – an environment where you want them to be as safe as they are once they get to school.

Just as a teacher needs to be in control of a classroom, a school bus driver needs to maintain a level of confidence and professional conduct to contribute to everyone’s safety. In the same way that airline passengers are encouraged to apply their own oxygen masks first in the event of an emergency, school bus drivers should make their own personal safety their primary focus. By doing so, they’re better able to keep others safe and handle emergencies that may occur while en route.

To equip school bus drivers with the tools they need for a safer bus route, Campus Safety HQ has introduced Safe Topics Series – Safe Passages: School Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness. It will help school transportation professionals understand practical and easy to apply concepts, including:

  • How connecting to students in a positive and professional manner can reduce the risk of attacks on pupil transportation professionals
  • Ways to communicate more effectively under crisis conditions
  • How to improve documentation for school bus security situations
  • Tips for handling the stress of courtroom testimony, depositions and other legal proceedings
  • The research-based concept of mental simulation to improve human performance under life and death stress

The Safe Topics Series – Safe Passages: School Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness is just one part of Campus Safety HQ, the community and resource headquarters for campus safety trainers. The site presents easy-to-use, proven training methods developed by some of the top security experts in the country and designed to improve the security of any campus.

Among the courses currently on Campus Safety HQ is The First 30 Seconds, 16 real-life school crisis scenarios designed to prepare all staff members to respond to threats and emergencies; School Bus & Transportation Crisis Scenario Training, designed to train bus drivers to cope with emergencies; our Active Shooter Course; Bomb Threat Protocols; leadership training through Leadercast Now and individual topics addressed at the 2016 Campus Safety Conference.

New programs are added each month to meet your training needs.

Find out more at Campus Safety HQ.

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