Video Q&A: Threat Assessment and Threat Management in Schools

In this video interview, school security expert Gary Sigrist Jr. discusses establishing threat assessment teams in schools, managing campus threats and much more.

Wednesday’s tragic shooting in south Florida exemplifies the need for schools across the country to establish effective threat assessment and threat management programs.

These programs are essential to alerting school officials of problems within their student population and community.

Of course, school districts have limited resources to devote to threat assessment programs, and that makes operating them as efficiently as possible important.

To get some advice from an expert on this topic, Zach Winn of Campus Safety interviewed Gary Sigrist, Jr., the CEO and president of school security consulting group Safeguard Risk Solutions.

Sigrist is a nationally known consultant, author and speaker on topics related to school security and emergency preparedness. His career spans more than 30 years as an educator, administrator and police officer, making him a great resource for insights into developing threat assessment programs at schools.

Sigrist has presented at our annual Campus Safety Conferences (coming this summer!) and sits on Campus Safety’s advisory board.

In this conversation, Sigrist talks about the people that need to be involved with threat assessment teams at schools, what kinds of training team members should receive, what schools can do after they’ve identified a substantive threat and much more.

We hope school officials take away some helpful information. Keep up the hard work everyone and stay safe!

About the Author


Zach Winn is a journalist living in the Boston area. He was previously a reporter for Wicked Local and graduated from Keene State College in 2014, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism and minoring in political science.

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2 responses to “Video Q&A: Threat Assessment and Threat Management in Schools”

  1. Brad says:

    It’s my view that an assessment of a K-12 student, most often a minor, should be generally referred to as a ‘Risk’ or ‘At-Risk Assessment’. The use of the term ‘Threat’ is fundamentally prejudicial when applied to an individual and may create bias in the results.

    Students are children in the developmental stages of life. Failing to account for this in any assessment is a disservice to the community and the individual.

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