Cooperative Purchasing & Your Institution’s Security Strategy

With security incidents at U.S. schools becoming more prevalent, institutions must take a strategic approach to ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Cooperative Purchasing & Your Institution’s Security Strategy

For today’s educational institutions, school security is a multifaceted challenge, ranging from locking down buildings and protecting people, to defending IT systems, data, and sensitive information.

Whether you’re a local school district, a large research institution, a small community college, or anything in between, it’s imperative to develop a comprehensive approach to school security. When building your strategic security plan, you need products and services that can be combined effectively to secure your institution from both physical and digital threats. This can include everything from window and door locks, reinforced glass and entryways, to surveillance equipment, networking equipment, trained security personnel, and IT consulting and security services.

With so much to consider, how can procurement ensure they’re hitting every mark while budgeting efficiently? Sourcing these products and services from a purchasing cooperative can help.

E&I’s Security Solutions

E&I Cooperative Services offers a portfolio of security contracts that have been awarded in a competitive solicitation process, providing members not only with cost savings, but also the ability to mitigate risk faster than going through the time-consuming RFP process. This is critical when planning proactively and responding to evolving threats, crises, or protocols.

E&I is the member-owned, non-profit purchasing cooperative serving the needs of education. As a trusted advisor to the education community, E&I offers more than 120 competitively solicited contracts as well as expertise, insights, and solutions to help its more than 5,000 members save time and money.

E&I understands the importance of school security and the need to stay ahead of this critical challenge. Read more for insights into planning your school’s security strategy and learn how E&I contracts can help.

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