Shocking Incidents Caught on Security Cameras

Check out these videos of some recent dramatic incidents.

Campus protection professionals know first-hand the value of video surveillance systems. Campus Safety’s studies on the technology have found that about 94% of hospitals, K-12 schools and institutions of higher education have some type of security camera system on campus, and 82% of them use their systems daily.

It’s not just educational and healthcare facilities that have adopted video surveillance solutions. Retail stores, residences, cities and other organizations have also been installing security cameras at a record pace, and the video captured of incidents is truly compelling.

Here are just some recent videos compiled by CS sister publication, Security Sales & Integration.

In one surveillance video, a man is walking down a sidewalk when he gets to an area of grates. He looks down as a puff of smoke pops up when flames suddenly shoot out of the grates.

For a moment, the man completely disappears in a cloud of smoke and flames as debris lands on the sidewalk. Eventually the man can be seen crawling away before he gets up and looks relatively unscathed aside from the ash and dust on his clothes.

The man suffered second degree burns. It is unclear what caused the explosion.

In another video, HGTV host Mina Starsiak Hawk developed a creative solution after she became fed up with the same porch pirate stealing her packages.

Hawk began leaving out decoy packages to discourage the thief from stealing real ones. She even turned to the Internet for suggestions on what to use.

So, check out these videos!

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