How LPR Can Increase Parking Revenue and Improve Campus Security

Check out Genetec’s 2019 higher ed initiative that uses license plate recognition to combine parking with security for greater revenue, protection and compliance.

At colleges and universities, often there is a gap between parking and security, which results in security not being adequately funded and many parking infractions not being detected.

One of Genetec’s initiatives this year is to bridge that gap using license plate recognition (LPR). LPR increases parking facility revenue because it more effectively identifies parking infractions. That revenue can then support campus security initiatives, especially if parking and security are managed by the same department.

In this exclusive interview with Campus Safety magazine at Campus Safety Conference West, held in Las Vegas last month, Genetec Western States Regional Sales Manager Michael Dixon describes how institutions of higher education can utilize LPR to drive parking revenue and support campus security. He also discusses Genetec’s unified platform that integrates video surveillance, access control and LPR.

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