Getting Double the Value from Your Intelligent Network Security Solutions

Axis intelligent solutions can help mitigate liability, enable campuses to be proactive, reduce costs and more.

Investing in an intelligent network security system is like getting two solutions in one. Your organization can use it to protect your healthcare or educational campus against threats and also use the smart technology to improve operations.

By sharing the technology across multiple disciplines, you double the return on your investment while spreading the benefits across your entire organization.

Axis Communications intelligent network security systems are particularly adept at this multitasking. For instance, Axis cameras can detect trespassers and monitor patients remotely. Axis audio systems can ward off intruders, play announcements and stream background music.

Audio analytics can listen for gunfire or aggression and the sounds of patients, students, or staff in distress. Network intercoms that combine video surveillance and two-way communication can facilitate visitor screening, support remote monitoring, and access control to restricted areas.

By seamlessly integrating with other network technologies, Axis intelligent solutions can help security professionals be more proactive, risk managers mitigate liability, facilities managers control utility costs, academics reach remote learners, healthcare facilities improve quality of care, and so much more.

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