Finally, a Contact Tracing Solution that Cares About Individual Privacy

Contact tracing is an effective tool in slowing the spread of COVID-19 but it only works if done in a trustworthy, secure and private manner for individuals, public health authorities and their contact tracers, and Gathering Places.

The Embrace the Trace™ program is the least-intrusive contact tracing technology on the market. Privacy is a key priority — the patent pending program is designed to operate with just an email address and mobile phone number. There are no overly intrusive tracking technologies that monitor individuals’ every move. By using a simple downloadable QR code that is fully operated and controlled by the individual, individuals are ensured the utmost privacy while assisting in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

How does it work?

Along with safeguarding individual privacy, the usability and effectiveness of the program is second to none. By eliminating the need for Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, RFID or LTE not only does the program avoid the problems associated with continuous tracking of individuals, it also is very simple to use. Downloading a QR code to a mobile phone or printing out the QR code and using it to scan in and out of locations is a simple and secure, trustworthy approach to contact tracing.

How do we actually achieve successful contact tracing?

Here are some simple guidelines to follow when choosing the best contact tracing solution:

  • Prioritize individuals’ privacy by adopting a user-controlled experience with no need for intrusive 24/7 covert tracking.
  • Reduce or eliminate the cost to individuals to participate.
  • Support contact tracers by securely providing them with information quickly and effectively.
  • Create a single report for timely reporting and accurate contact tracing of exposed individuals.
  • Make the program easy to use and easy to adopt.
  • Never use program information for spamming/marketing or the like, and delete QR code scan data on a rolling basis after 60 days.

Other contact tracing apps that have been introduced in the market require individuals to sacrifice their privacy, and as a result those apps have been largely ineffective with little adoption. The Embrace the Trace™ program is the best way forward and a win-win-win for individuals, public health authorities and their contact tracers, and Gathering Places. With COVID-19 cases still on the rise, this affordable and least intrusive program is essential to reducing cases and reopening the country.

For more information on how to sign up to participate, check out

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4 responses to “Finally, a Contact Tracing Solution that Cares About Individual Privacy”

  1. Gene Harris says:

    If information is being gathered, it is being saved. Why should I trust those saving it to keep it safe from hackers or government demands? If a cell phone is used for this it can be tracked, to say otherwise is disingenuous and not to be believed.

  2. So, you can choose not to login with a QR code, and the video does indicate that contact tracers are involved.

  3. Fredrik Wallberg says:

    Thank you for your comment. The Embrace the Trace™ contact tracing solution was developed with data privacy and security a key priority – “privacy by design”. Our program does not track mobile phones and in fact does not even require an individual to have or use a mobile phone. Individuals register for our program by providing their email address. If they want, they also can register with their mobile phone number, but they are not required to do so (contact tracers sometimes find it easier to reach individuals by mobile phone). We do not even ask individuals for their name.

    After individuals register, we issue them an Embrace the Trace QR code. Individuals can either print out their QR code in hard copy, or save it to their mobile phone – it’s their choice. Our program does not use GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi or mobile phone tracking such as LTE to track individuals’ every movement. The only information we collect from individuals after they register is their QR code scan activity information. Individuals decide whether, when and where to present their QR code for scanning – it’s their choice. Only verified Public Health Authority contact tracers have access to QR code scan activity information, and they can only use the information for contact tracing. The information is not shared with Gathering Places or other third parties. As part of our commitment to data privacy and security, we delete QR code scan activity information on a rolling basis every 61 days. We also delete the information if/when an individual opts out of the program – it’s their choice.

  4. Fredrik Wallberg says:

    Thank you for your comment. The Embrace the Trace™ program does not require individuals to log in to anything. Instead, individuals simply print or save the QR code on their mobile phone (like a photo) and use it to scan in/out of gathering places where and when they choose to do so. And yes, contact tracers definitely are a key member of the Embrace the Trace “team”. If an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19, their medical provider typically will refer their information to a Public Health Authority contact tracer to follow up. If the individual is registered in our program, the contact tracer may submit a verified request to us for an Embrace the Trace QR code scan activity report associated with the individual. The report contains the dates, times and locations of the individual’s QR code scans, along with the email addresses (and if applicable, the mobile phone numbers) registered in our program of individuals who were potentially exposed. The report enables contact tracers to quickly and effectively notify potentially exposed individuals and help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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