ZeroNow Launches ‘Path to Safer Schools’

Online guide for schools available now
Published: April 19, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC —ZeroNow today announced the launch of The Path to Safer Schools, a holistic seven-step interactive guide to making schools safer. ZeroNow is a nonprofit organization of school safety experts dedicated to bringing the number of violent incidents in schools to zero.

“School Administrators are faced with the daunting task of assembling safety measures without a clear picture to serve as a guide— akin to assembling a puzzle without the top with a picture on the box.” said Ara Bagdasarian, Co-Founder of ZeroNow. “The Path to Safer Schools offers that missing image, giving a clear vision for safety with tools and resources from the ZeroNow community and our Partners. We want to convey a clear message that safe schools are possible.”

Last year, a multidisciplinary group came together at the ZeroNow Summit and Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, to refine critical elements of the Path and to answer the question, “What can we do to protect our schools?” This collaboration and exchange of ideas enabled ZeroNow to build the Path to Safer Schools into an online resource that provides critical steps to safeguard a school. Each step comes with easily accessible online resources that include video discussions, instructional material and a link for direct contact with experts. The guide and resources are available on the ZeroNow website at no charge.

“It boils down to seven key steps, based on input from a range of professionals,” said ZeroNow Co-Founder Jeff McWeeney. “Then, we take all of the key concepts and design them in a format that is easy to understand and apply. The final Path was a coalescence of ideas, innovation and expertise from multiple leaders with relevant experience.”

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The Path to Safer Schools is posted to the ZeroNow website at

About ZeroNow

ZeroNow is the safety community’s movement to end harmful events in our schools. As a member-based non-profit, ZeroNow facilitates collaboration between industry, associations, and education partners to foster new solutions to keep our schools safe and secure.

ZeroNow drives ideas, innovation, and investment to make school safer for good.  To find out more about ZeroNow, check out its website at

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