ReconaSense Introduces Mobile ‘Command-and-Control-Center’

The ReconMobile app suite from ReconaSense utilizes crowdsourcing to help security teams “see” across multiple facilities.
Published: September 7, 2019

ReconaSense, a provider of physical security intelligence and next-gen access control, announces the debut of its ReconMobile command-and-control center that lets users lockdown facilities, tap into video surveillance systems, and/or report and respond to an emergency from a mobile device.

The ReconMobile app suite enables security teams to “see” and take action across multiple facilities without having to be stationed at a security desk behind a monitor, according to the company.

ReconaSense says this ensures better decision-making, shorter response times and improved outcomes — whether in an active shooter situation, an urgent life safety matter, or another critical security condition.

ReconMobile works on iOS and Android tablets, smartphones and smartwatches. The solutions empower teams on the ground to respond and react faster and engage their community and the people they protect more easily, according to the company.

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It can also allow employees and students to notify staff and security when they need help or an emergency situation arises.

“Situational awareness is a critical success factor in any large, complex security operation,” says Clayton Brown, executive vice president, ReconaSense. “That success depends on systems that speak a common language, and people to feed those systems with data that sensors can’t capture. The ReconMobile app suite offers command-and-control capabilities and crowdsourced inputs that are the force-multiplier and glue between security operators and data.”

ReconMobile features include:

WatchCommander: Use the wearable iWatch application to initiate lockdown or respond to a threat as quickly as it is observed.

EmergenSEE: Share surveillance data with first responders to hasten and improve response times while protecting individual privacy during standard operations.

See Something, Say Something: Empower staff to centrally manage incoming reports of suspicious activities or situations as well as initiate emergency responses, so no early warnings are ignored.

MobileMuster: Send security response requests to employees, students, and staff so they can provide safe/not safe updates and GPS locations in real time during an incident.

MobileSOS: Enable employees and students to report a safety issue or emergency to security teams or 911 with the touch of a button.

Operational Response and Command Applications (ORCA): Provide teams on the ground with on-the-go situational awareness and control.

ReconaSense will be demoing the ReconMobile app suite Sept. 8-12 at GSX in Booth 2024.

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