Milestone Systems Announces Specialized Video Management Solution for Healthcare

Published: November 6, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Milestone Systems, a provider of open-platform video management software, announces its embarkment on a strategy that will result in solutions that enable video technology to be a value driver for specific industries, including healthcare.

Based on a deeper understanding of the customers’ objectives, needs, and challenges within specific industries, Milestone plans to bring proven industry-specific video solutions to healthcare and hospitality over time, according to a press release.

Milestone’s XProtect open platform video management system (VMS) helps bring together video and data integrations, video analytics, and cloud solutions to address industry needs.

“Delivering true customer value and business outcomes requires a strong customer-centric approach. Dedicated interactions with customers within these specific industries help us build industry-specific video technology solutions that go well beyond security,” said Thomas Jensen, CEO, Milestone Systems. “Milestone has the largest ecosystem of development and technology partners within and beyond the security industry, and we are uniquely positioned to work with market leaders to create solutions that address unique safety and operational needs for specific industries.”

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Creating Safer, More Efficient Healthcare Environments

In 2022, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK reported a shortage of 90,000 ​full-time staffers. By 2030, the U.S. will experience a shortfall of more than half a million nurses. Faced with overwhelming workloads and management and operational details, hospitals and healthcare facilities need to explore new technologies to optimize all resources at their disposal, says the company.

Milestone’s data-driven video technology will be at the core of a new healthcare offering scheduled for release in 2023. The new healthcare solution will ensure patient and employee safety while protecting assets and property, with focused capabilities that meet healthcare’s unique compliance requirements and work environments.

Milestone’s new healthcare offering intends to:

  • Improve patient care, outcome, and experience
  • Maximize staff efficiency and ease hospital resource pains
  • Expand situational awareness without additional staffing

Milestone’s XProtect open-platform video management system currently supports more than 11,000 different security devices from more than 500 manufacturers. In addition, the company’s ecosystem of Technology Partners includes providers of network video cameras, cloud services, storage equipment, access control, alarm and detection systems, video analytics, GPS technology, laser scanners, emergency call boxes, and more.

More information about Milestone’s healthcare solution will follow in 2023.

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