Rave Coronavirus Recovery Solution Simplifies Campus Reopenings

The platform enables GeoPoll health checks, two-way messaging, symptom and high-risk tracking, and targeted communications, among other things.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.Rave Mobile Safety, a provider of safety communications solutions and 2019 Campus Safety BEST Award winner, announced the release of its critical communications platform to help organizations meet public and private sector reopening guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus Recovery Solution, created to provide a safe environment for returning employees and students, allows leaders to streamline communication workflows, conduct daily health checks, support individual wellness and engage with organizations to facilitate the safe reopening of healthcare organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses and communities, according to the company.

“The CDC’s guidelines for reopening states that organizations will need to take measures for keeping people safe, including ‘practices for scaling up operations, safety actions (e.g., cleaning and disinfection, social distancing), monitoring possible reemergence of illness and maintaining health operations,'” reads the press release. “The Rave Coronavirus Recovery Solution enhances organizations’ ability to adhere to those guidelines by giving them a way to monitor health status and quickly communicate changes as the pandemic progresses.”

Using Rave’s Coronavirus Recovery Solution, organizations can:

  • Conduct health monitoring of employees
  • Support employees using personalized communications about coronavirus resources, two-way chat for wellness concerns, and a channel for anonymous tips for unsafe behaviors
  • Reduce compliance liability with self-reporting on health status using mobile devices, symptom tracking, actionable alerts to limit exposure, and safety and social distancing protocols
  • Restore operations by ensuring shifts are fully staffed and employees are informed on pandemic response guidelines, office openings and closures, and ongoing updates
  • Share and collect data and provide important updates to students

The solution also enables federal, state and local governments and agencies to:

  • Protect at-risk individuals by identifying vulnerable populations based on CDC guidelines
  • Conduct real-time monitoring of COVID-19 impact with geospatial queries on resident-supplied data on quarantine and health status
  • Issue timely notifications to affected individuals, target geographies and essential workers
  • Coordinate safety response across 9-1-1, first responders and emergency management to create situational awareness and protect first responders

For more information, visit www.ravemobilesafety.com.

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