Johnson Controls Smoke Detection Technology Meets 2021 UL Standard

Johnson Controls’ TrueAlarm sensors provide earlier detection, better fire type recognition and fewer nuisance alarms, the company says.

Johnson Controls, a technology company, has launched its new smoke detection technology which meets UL 268 Standard for Safety of Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems 7th edition testing requirements coming in June 2021.

The UL 268 sets forth requirements for smoke detectors to be employed in indoor locations in accordance with the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, NFPA® 72. To satisfy the new requirements, Johnson Controls has introduced advanced smoke sensors built upon the performance of its flagship TrueAlarm technology.

The UL 7th edition polyurethane tests better represent the type of smoke and flames produced in modern building fires due to the increased use of synthetic furnishing materials that can ignite and burn faster than other materials, says the company.

The new TrueAlarm sensors provide earlier detection, better fire type recognition and fewer nuisance alarms. Using advanced algorithms to analyze particles, the technology can determine whether they are generated by an actual fire rather than smoke or steam from cooking or showers. This capability is especially important for commercial spaces such as hotels, dormitories, hospitals, and other places prone to nuisance alarms.

Sensor alarm points can also be programmed for timed, multi-stage operation per sensor. A lower percentage alert can also cause a warning prompt to investigate the issue while a higher programmed percentage will initiate an alarm.

“The design of our new sensors is based on decades of fire detection experience and demonstrates our commitment to creating the most innovative and reliable products in the industry,” says Peter Ryan, senior commercialization manager, Global Fire Detection Products, Johnson Controls. “These re-designed smoke sensors reduce the number of nuisance alarms while providing early notification, when needed, to help building occupants evacuate quickly and safely during a fire event.”

The new TrueAlarm sensors are available for the Simplex product line.

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