HID Global Introduces HID Origo, a New Cloud Platform

HID Global, a maker of identity solutions, introduces the HID Origo™ physical access control cloud platform that allows for more seamless workplace experiences. The cloud is built on HID’s proven access control infrastructure designed specifically for ID projects in mind for higher education, K-12 schools, and health care facilities.

The platform combines technologies for mobile IDs with access control architecture to bring together physical security and a wide range of building applications, services and IoT use cases via a unified cloud experience.

The HID Origo platform embeds cloud connections and IoT functionality as app extensions into mobile devices, HID readers and controllers and gives developers direct access to this hardware via HID Origo application programming interfaces (APIs) and software developer kits (SDK) already proven through HID’s mobile access solution.

“HID Origo lays the foundation for a broad ecosystem of cloud-based access control technologies, products, services and business models that will accelerate workplace innovation; it dramatically increases our partners’ capabilities to create more connected and seamless building experiences for end users,” said Hilding Arrehed, Vice President of Cloud Services, Physical Access Control, with HID Global. “The platform will remove integration barriers between access control systems and smart building applications, and we will continue to expand its value with capabilities that further improve how people securely move through a facility and interact with its services.”

The subscription billing model offered through HID Origo makes it easier for the company to order and manage mobile IDs while improving forecasting, budgeting and reporting. It also streamlines transferring mobile ID subscription licenses across employees and registering multiple mobile IDs across multiple devices without any additional cost.

The HID Origo provides powerful insights for data-driven decisions, including:

  • Continuous monitoring of user experience
  • Device compatibility assessment
  • Dashboards visualizing activity data

Click here to learn more about HID Origo.

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