Blackboard Introduces Contactless Student IDs for Apple Wallet

Blackboard Mobile Credentials enhances the campus experience for tech-savvy students and saves institutions time and resources, says the company.

Blackboard, an educational technology company, introduces Blackboard Mobile Credentials, a new way for students to add their student ID to Apple Wallet.

Blackboard is the first campus credential solution provider to offer NFC-enabled contactless mobile IDs for iPhone and Apple Watch, according to the company. It offers a way for students who have Apple devices to eliminate the need to carry and manage multiple credentials while trying to navigate a campus.

Using a campuses’ existing contactless reader, students can present their iPhone with iOS 12 or Apple Watch with watchOS5 to access secure facilities such as residence halls, dining halls or libraries.

There is no need for students to open the app to use their student ID as the phone simply needs to be turned on and the screen lit in order for a contactless reader to process credentials. It also saves time and money for both the institution and the student as ID cards are often lost and need to be replaced.

Additionally, schools can issue and manage mobile credentials quickly and remotely to their students’ mobile devices. It also allows schools to completely remove a student’s ID credentials and affiliation with an institution if needed.

“We’re proud to be working with Apple to offer this next-generation credential for institutions nationwide,” said David Marr, President, Blackboard Transact. “Students use their iPhones and Apple Watches in all aspects of their lives, and that includes their on- and off-campus educational experience. We look forward to providing schools and students with the next generation of campus IDs which offer unparalleled security, convenience and flexibility.”

This fall, Blackboard Mobile Credentials will be launched at Duke University, the University of Alabama and the University of Oklahoma. Johns Hopkins UniversitySanta Clara University and Temple University plan to implement the technology by end of the year, says Blackboard.

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