Improving School Security with Digital IDs

Digital IDs on mobile phones can bridge the gap in communication between administrators and students during emergencies.

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For years now, schools have been issuing physical photo identification cards to their students, faculty and staff. However, with so many middle school and high school students now owning mobile phones, there is the opportunity for K-12 campuses to put their student, faculty, and staff digital identification credentials right on their phones.

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This enables the campus to leverage the technology that most students, teachers and employees have with them already — their cell phones — to improve communications during emergencies, as well as improve response to situations involving things like active shooters, inclement weather, medical emergencies and more.

“Cell phones are widely used around your entire school,” says Emily Fellouzis, who is chief operating officer for Ident-A-Kid. “Students having cell phones can be a nuisance, but we’ve found that school phone policies are evolving during today’s COVID restrictions. We’re also seeing digital IDs being adopted worldwide.

“We’ve found that digital IDs can be used in schools to bridge the gap in communication between administrators and students, especially in cases of emergency.”

In this interview with Campus Safety Editor-in-Chief Robin Hattersley, Fellouzis provides some valuable insights on digital identification credentials in the K-12 campus setting. Specifically, she talks about:

  • Why middle schools and high schools need to adopt digital IDs – 1:35
  • Other advantages of digital IDs – 2:40
  • What features and functions a digital student ID system should have – 5:09
  • Tying digital student IDs into a campus or district’s emergency management system – 5:57
  • Examples of where and when these systems can be used – 9:07
  • The future of this technology – 10:10

So, with that, here’s our interview with Emily Fellouzi. Enjoy the show!

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