Results: "school-to-prison pipeline"

Read: ACLU Challenges S.C. ‘Disturbing Schools’ Law

ACLU Challenges S.C. ‘Disturbing Schools’ Law

The group says the law is imprecise and disproportionately targets black students.

Read: LA School PD Won’t Cite Students for Minor Offenses

LA School PD Won’t Cite Students for Minor Offenses

Officers will drop zero-tolerance policies and instead refer students to counseling and other services.

Black Preschool Students More Likely to Be Suspended Than Their Peers

Black students account for 42% of U.S. preschool students suspended once and 48% of students suspended more than once.

Christian County Public Schools to Decrease Frequency of Exclusionary Discipline

The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights has reached an agreement with the Christian County Public Schools in Kentucky to improve the district’s disciplinary system so that all students will receive equitable treatment.

Another Example of Zero Tolerance Gone Wrong?

A high school student has been suspended for a fishing knife left in his dad’s vehicle.

Obama Administration Issues Recommendations on Student Suspensions

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