AtlasIED IPX Series Provides Critical Emergency Audio and Visual Communications

Designated personnel can initiate the IPX Series wherever they are at a facility to expedite critical communications on campus and to first responders.

AtlasIED IPX Series Provides Critical Emergency Audio and Visual Communications

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AtlasIED has been a recognized leader in the pro-audio industry for more than 90 years, developing innovative audio solutions for a wide variety of commercial environments. The company’s diverse, comprehensive, and ever-evolving solutions cater to the high-quality audio and communication technology needs of markets globally, including transportation, healthcare, corporate, industrial, government, hospitality, education, and houses of worship.

Campus Safety spoke with company vice president of sales Michael Peveler to find out how AtlasIED’s solutions can help schools, hospitals, and institutions of higher education bolster communications during emergencies.

AtlasIED Vice President of Sales Michael Peveler

Campus Safety: What is the top emergency notification product or offering from your company, and what makes it special? How does it apply to healthcare facilities, schools and/or higher education security, public safety and/or emergency management?

Michael Peveler: AtlasIED’s IPX Series of endpoints integrated with InformaCast SingleWire mass notification software provides a robust safety solution for any facility with potential onsite security threats. AtlasIED’s IPX Series features a range of communication endpoints, with some that integrate multiple functions into single products, including loudspeakers, two-way microphones, flashers, and an LED display for a clock, date, or that can display customizable messages.

During an emergency, designated school personnel can initiate the system from a panic button, mobile device, VOIP phone, wherever they are at a facility to expedite communications to people onsite and alert law enforcement offsite. The IPX Series combines with InformaCast software, which sends text messages to faculty, students, and parents’ mobile devices, alerts law enforcement, and activates attention-grabbing audio communication, flashing visual alerts, and LED text messages on the installed IPX devices throughout campus. This combination is ideal for K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare facilities, and corporate and industrial facilities where threats persist.

CS: What other products or offerings would you like to highlight, and what are some of their qualities and benefits?

Peveler: Some AtlasIED IPX Series of endpoints, such as the IP-SDMF, consolidate multiple capabilities into a single device, including loudspeakers, LED visual displays, two-way communications (intercom), and multi-colored flashers. Once installed, facilities use the IPX Series to support the delivery of routine audio announcements and visual information, including the time, date, or general messages, such as alerting facility staff to a shift change or the end of class.

The system is fully programmable to deliver automated routine announcements and bells on a specific schedule. During an emergency, personnel can pre-record announcements, create unique alarm sounds, and change flasher and display colors to distinguish an emergency scenario. Designated onsite personnel can initiate a pre-recorded emergency announcement via a mobile device anywhere in a facility, allowing them to deliver information to staff faster and accelerate the response time. Automation and system access flexibility help reduce the risk of human error during a stressful scenario.

Additionally, facility managers appreciate the IPX Series’ consolidated endpoints, which allow them to reduce clutter and improve the aesthetics of a space. Finally, facilities can leverage existing VoIP systems and IT infrastructure because the IPX endpoints connect via a standard Ethernet cable over a dedicated IP network. Once installed, the system provides a comprehensive, cost-effective mass notification solution supporting daily operations and safety efforts.

CS: How do your company and its offerings address the needs of hospitals, schools and/or universities?

Peveler: The IPX Series provides critical audio and visual communications capabilities for educational, healthcare, and corporate facilities that face security risks. The IPX Series helps security, operations, and leadership teams provide audio and visual communication for routine operations, such as shift changes or to signal the end of class.

It’s also an essential technology during emergencies when every second matters. During an emergency, onsite personnel can initiate the IPX Series from a mobile device, panic button, or VOIP phone/ console, to deliver attention-grabbing audio communication, flashing visual alerts, and LED text messages on the installed IPX devices throughout a facility.

Additionally, by integrating the IPX Series endpoints with InformaCast software, the system can send text messages to onsite personnel, faculty, students, and parents’ mobile devices and alert law enforcement. The IPX Series also leverages existing onsite VoIP networks, making it easier for IT teams to add endpoints and manage.

CS: What else is new or noteworthy about your company for 2024?

Peveler: 2024 promises to be an exciting year for AtlasIED as we will continue to add safety-related capabilities to help increase the benefit of the IPX Series. We recognize the critical role that audio plays in safety, and we’re focused on delivering features, functionality, and new hardware that address customer needs that ultimately help them accelerate the delivery of directions and information to people onsite and alert law enforcement faster.

We’ve also received significant interest across the security product ecosystem to allow for integration and interoperability of the IPX Series. At ISC West, you can expect to see AtlasIED make a significant announcement highlighting how we are taking the IPX Series.

CS: What is your company’s overall value proposition to schools, universities and/or hospitals? Why should they do business with you?

Peveler: AtlasIED is a family-owned company with 90 years of experience in audio and has proven experience delivering solutions that support the needs of education and healthcare facilities. We recognize the vital role our products play in these facilities and continue to invest in research and development to design products and solutions that help customers be more efficient, productive, and safe while improving the overall work-life environment for your customers and staff.

We offer a broad and deep product range, and our dedicated team will help match individual business needs with our solutions. With locations and a network of manufacturer representatives and distributors worldwide, AtlasIED’s customer service is an industry benchmark that competitors strive to match.

Come visit the AtlasIED booth #31061 at ISC West to see a demonstration of new software and capabilities that will completely change how the IPX ecosystem can be used.

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