Woman Charged for Stealing Newborn Baby from La. Hospital

The hospital’s surveillance cameras captured the suspect leaving with the newborn.

A woman turned herself in to police after allegedly stealing a newborn baby from a Louisiana hospital April 23.

The three-day-old baby was returned unharmed after investigators confronted the suspect’s mother about the kidnapping, according to fox29.com.

Anquinisha Cummings, 24, was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping of a child after surrendering at Monroe Police Department.

Police say Cummings was treated at St. Francis Hospital earlier in the day Saturday. Cummings then reportedly entered the hospital room of the new mother and claimed to have been sent by a mutual friend.

“While Cummings was in the room, the two talked for a little while,” police say. “The mother got up to use the bathroom…When the mother exited the bathroom Cummings and her newborn child were gone.”

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Hospital security officers determined that Cummings had left the hospital with the child by reviewing video surveillance footage. After police spoke to Cummings’ mother, an “unknown female” returned the baby. The newborn was in good health.

St. Francis Medical Center released a statement saying appropriate security measures were in place and a lockdown was executed immediately after the theft. The statement also says the hospital has increased its security presence and is reviewing the incident to consider ways to prevent future kidnappings.

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