Woman Attempts Infant Abduction at N.C. Hospital


A woman accused of trying to abduct an infant from a Duke University Hospital nursery told police she was trying to get a baby because she owed someone money.

Hospital officials saw 28-year-old Tanisha Weaver attempting to take a baby out of the hospital’s North Ancillary April 19, reports WRAL.com. When the staff recognized that Weaver was not authorized to take the newborn, they immediately called police and detained her until authorities arrived. (Article continues below.)

Police said Weaver brought balloons and a gift card to the newborn’s mother, saying that Weaver would stay with the child while the mother went to a special luncheon in the hospital’s cafeteria. As soon as the mother left the room, Weaver cut off the infant’s ankle bracelet, which triggered an alarm. The suspect had a bag containing clothes for a newborn girl.

Additionally, investigators said Weaver had surveyed the Parham Medical Center’s maternity ward the week prior to the incident. Officials said she pretended to be a nursing student and asked about security, where the exits were located and directions to the maternity ward.

Weaver is being held on $100,000 bond.

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