Why Your Campus PA Is So Important During an Emergency

The right public address system can reduce response times during emergencies.

When a crisis happens, delays in conveying need-to-know information to students, faculty, staff and parents can have disastrous consequences. That’s why a campus public address (PA) system is so critical.

“It’s the only form of instantaneous communication in a K-12 school,” says Telecor National Sales Manager Carl Trainer. “All other systems provide information in a delayed format, but with the public address system, the occupants of your building are hearing the message in real time.”

In this interview with Campus Safety, Trainer talks about the other reasons why a campus PA is so critical to school safety and security, the most important factors to consider when designing a PA system, leading practices for conducting drills and the importance of Ethernet technology.

Then Telecor Southwest Regional Sales Manager David Kelly demonstrates how Telecor’s award-winning visual console reduces response time during an emergency.

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