Voicemail Systems, Mailrooms Are Data Theft Hotspots

While mobile devices such as laptops are still a major source of data theft, voicemail systems and conference calls have also made the list, according to part two of Kroll Advisory Solutions’ report on data theft hotspots.

The popularity of allowing employees to bring their own devices to the workplace has opened the doors to new technologies with new security holes that may not be as tightly monitored. In order to combat these vulnerabilities, it is important to agree to certain minimum levels of security, according to the article. These devices should have access control through passwords, security software, and company access to remotely destroy data if the device is ever lost or stolen.

Voicemail is another vulnerability and should also fall within your organization’s data security and privacy guidelines for employees. Guidance should include details on what type of information is/is not acceptable to include in a voicemail message. Also, employees should not use default passwords such as “1234.”

Conference call bridge number access codes  is another weakness,  as is the exfiltration of media storage devices through the mailroom by simply placing them in a standard USPS box and putting them with the outgoing mail.

The report claims that because employees interact with sensitive data, they can also become the targets of data theft. Employee privacy and security awareness training (including third-party vendors and contractors) will help prevent employees from becoming targets.

Read the report.

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