Vandals Potentially Cause Millions of Dollars of Damage at Colorado Lab

Two people have turned themselves in after the Colorado School of Mines was vandalized on July 4.

The Colorado School of Mines was the victim of vandalism that may have led to millions of dollars in damage.

Two people reportedly turned themselves in to campus police on July 6, but the investigation is ongoing and police are not saying if the suspects are students, according to

Surveillance video shows two unauthorized people walking the hallways of the small teaching and research university on the night of July 4, prying open doors and damaging many of the building’s laboratories.

The suspects reportedly turned emergency showers and gas pipes on and they remained on all night, flooding the three story building and filling it with dangerous gasses. Nothing has been reported stolen.

Police have not determined how the suspects got into the secured-access building, but there are signs of forced entry in several laboratories.

Researchers expressed concern about various data piles and ongoing research projects that may have been jeopardized. The General Research Laboratory building is closed during the investigation and clean up, though the university hopes to open certain parts of the building later this week.

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