Va. University to End Rule Banning Guns in Residence Halls

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. says a campus with guns is a safer campus.

Liberty University in Virginia will begin allowing guns in residence halls in an attempt to improve school security.

University President Jerry Falwell Jr. announced the rule change on Dec. 9 to thousands of students during an assembly, according to the Washington Post.

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President Falwell had urged students to get concealed carry permits the previous week, citing the threat of school shootings and terrorism. Falwell told his students during both speeches that he had a pistol in his back pocket. Falwell says he obtained his concealed carry permit in 2013.

The school’s previous rule allowed firearms on campus but required students to store their weapons in their cars or in other secure areas when they entered residence halls. Falwell said he received email requests from students asking that the rule be lifted.

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Falwell cited deterrence as one of the biggest reasons for the rule change, arguing that attacks like the one in San Bernardino on Dec. 2 would be less likely if concealed carry holders were present.

Liberty University, which is a small evangelical Christian school, currently offers a free class to eligible students to obtain concealed carry permits. Falwell said about 950 people at the school currently have concealed carry permits. You must be 21 or older to obtain such permits in Virginia.

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