Va. Tech Fraternity Gets 10 Year Ban for Abusive Hazing

University officials say the harsh punishment is due to the severity of the crimes confirmed through an internal investigation.

A fraternity at Virginia Tech University was banned from campus for 10 years for abusive conduct and hazing.

University officials made the announcement after an investigation into a student’s claim that he and other classmates were beaten by fraternity members during a pledging event, according to

The student alleged that he was part of a group of six pledging students that were picked up by members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity on Jan. 21 and taken to an unknown location. The students were then blindfolded and quizzed about the fraternity’s history. When one person got a question wrong, all six were beaten. The beatings continued until 5 a.m. and the process was repeated on Jan. 23, 24 and 25, according to all six students’ accounts.

The student who complained to the university became sick on Jan. 26 and was rushed to the hospital by a friend after collapsing in the snow. The student later dropped out of school and is still receiving medical attention.

After an investigation into the claims, the university sent a letter to the national chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha informing the organization of the decade-long ban.

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The university’s investigators also recommended several members of the fraternity be expelled.

Under the university’s ruling, the fraternity must stop recruiting, social activity and financial transactions.

Virginia Tech police say the hazing occurred outside their jurisdiction.

Founded in 1973, the Alpha Phi Alpha Theta lot chapter was Virginia Tech’s first black Greek organization and has an extensive history with the school. The ten year ban is much longer than previous hazing punishments.

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