Univ. of Mich. to Contact Students’ Parents about Drug, Alcohol Policy Violations

The school says the new policy is geared toward getting students support as early as possible.

The University of Michigan has started a new program to contact first-year students’ parents if they violate the school drug and alcohol policy multiple times.

The university’s wellness center staff will inform parents if their child commits more than one drug or alcohol violation as an underage freshman, according to NBC News.

The university stressed that the program is about supporting students exhibiting a troubling pattern of behavior rather than about furthering their punishment.

The university is targeting freshman because they say those students are at a higher risk of developing drug and alcohol problems. The school also has a “collegiate recovery program” to help students recover from addiction and is making changes to its alcohol safety mobile app.

The number of alcohol and drug violations at the school hit 465 last year, a significant jump from the 2012-2013 school year totals.

Other schools, such as Virginia Tech and George Washington University, have similar policies for contacting students’ parents.

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