Univ. of Cincinnati Police to Patrol Off Campus

Published: August 17, 2015

The University of Cincinnati Police Department announced it will work off campus again in an announcement August 14.

The school had suspended off campus patrols since university police officer Ray Tensing shot and killed Sam DuBose in a traffic stop near campus on July 19.

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The patrols are part of an interim plan in place while the Cincinnati City Council reviews its memorandum of understanding with the university. The memorandum came under fire after DuBose’s death because university police undergo different training and have different mission statements than city police.

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A school spokesman said in a statement that the patrols will comply with the city council’s most recent decisions. School police will not make traffic stops, according to wlwt.com.

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The school detailed what action will be permitted by university police, which included responding to calls for service, assisting city police if requested and stopping crimes in progress.

The department wants to increase its visibility in the community before students begin arriving on campus for the new school year. The university begins classes on August 24.

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