2 Universities Have Separate Shootings in 2 Days

A student was shot and killed at Savannah State University and a suspectt was arrested after shooting into a crowd near Texas Southern University..

Two unrelated school shootings, both of which involved students, have sparked investigations from police and questions from the campus communities involved.

Shootings at Savannah State University in Georgia and near the campus of Texas Southern University left one Savanna State student dead, one victim of the Texas Southern shooting dead and one suspect in police custody.

At Savannah State, a student was shot and killed in what police called an altercation on campus August 27. Junior Christopher Starks was in the student union when he was shot and brought to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police have a suspect in custody, according to haaretz.com.

At Texas Southern, 20-year-old Darrius Nichols is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and murder after shooting a man and a woman just off of campus on August 26. Nichols got into an argument with 24-year-old Lakeytrick Quinn around 8:30 at night in the parking lot of a university apartment complex and shot him in the head. Quinn died Sept. 1, reports KHOU.

A Texas Southern University police officer saw the shooting and fired two shots at Nichols. While both shots missed, Nichols surrendered immediately after and was taken into custody according to khou.com.

Savannah State was locked down for two hours as police searched for the shooter and the university’s twitter feed reported an active shooter incident on campus. Texas Southern was never locked down as police determined it was an isolated incident.

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