Released Texts Shed Light on Fla. Beating

Published: May 23, 2010

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla.—The 15-year-old boy accused of severely beating a Deerfield Middle Student into a coma said his rage was set off when the girl commented about his deceased brother.

Wayne Treacy has been accused of first-degree murder for the March 17 attack of 15-year-old Josie Lou Ratley. Prior to the attack, the pair had been exchanging text messages about Treacy’s 13-year-old girlfriend, Kayla Manson, reports ABC News.

In the messages, Ratley allegedly called Treacy a “rapist” because of his relationship with Manson. However, once Ratley texted, “jus go visit ur dead brother,” Treacy’s rage was uncontrollable. The suspect’s brother was found hanging from a tree outside a church in October 2009.

The attack included Treacy allegedly punching Ratley in the head, smashing her head in the pavement and kicking her with a steel-toed boot. As a result, the victim suffered brain damage. Ratley’s mother said her daughter is recovering very slowly.

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Detectives believe the attack was planned because of messages he had sent his friends. One read, “This [expletive] ran her mouth bout my bro who she knew is dead. Now I want her head.”

After the attack, a message from the suspect’s phone read, “I just tried to kill sum1. I’m going to prison.”

Treacy admitted to the attack in a videotaped confession; however, he has pleaded not guilty.

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