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School Shooters Violence Against Women

70% of School Shooters Perpetuated Violence Against Women, Lehigh Study Finds

The Lehigh University study analyzed the profiles of 59 boys and men who carried out school shootings between…

News April 1
Assault Campus Violence Dating Abuse Dating Violence Domestic Violence Relationship Violence Student Safety Student Violence University Security Violence Against Women Violence Prevention
Tinder Releases Safe Dating Guide for College Students

Tinder Releases Safe Dating Guide for College Students

The popular dating app sees the highest number of new 18-year-old members between the months of August and…

News August 28
Cell Phones Clery Act Cover Story Crime Prevention Social Media Stalking Texting Title IX Violence Against Women
stalking, violence, intimate partner violence, dating, sexual assault

Stalking on Campus: A Silent Epidemic

The first steps to combating stalking include taking it seriously, having an appropriate policy, and training campus personnel…

News May 3
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Chemical Disasters Hazmat Student Health Student Safety Terrorism Violence Against Women
poison, poisonings, Iranian

More Than 1,200 Girls Possibly Poisoned at Iranian Schools

The students described smelling weird odors before falling ill. Iranian officials now say the poisonings could be chemical…

News March 7
Crimes Against Women Domestic Violence Human Trafficking Public Safety Violence Against Women
Conference on Crimes Against Women

Anti-Trafficking Expert to Keynote 18th Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women

Nearly 50 million people are trafficked around the world and it is estimated 10,000 to 150,000 people are…

Press Releases February 19
Clery Act Dating Abuse Dating Violence Domestic Violence Title IX Violence Against Women Violence Against Women Act VAWA
crimes against women

The Conference on Crimes Against Women Returns to Dallas with Keynote Speaker Mark Wynn

Data shows that crimes against women have increase during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Press Releases May 13
Active Shooter Campus Shootings Fraternities and Sororities School Shooting Threat Assessments Violence Against Women

FBI Uncovers Incel Plot Targeting Ohio State

Documents found in the home of the suspect detailed plans to commit hate crimes against women, indicating Ohio…

News July 26
LGBTQ+ Issues Research Student Violence Targeted Violence Violence Against Women Youth Violence
male teens violence

Male Teens with Progressive Gender Views Less Likely to Be Violent

Surprisingly, the study also found teen boys who believe boys and girls deserve equal respect were less likely…

News December 31
Campus Police Crimes Against Women Dating Abuse Domestic Violence Stalking University Police Violence Against Women
univ. of utah

Former Univ. of Utah Officers Speak About Mistreatment of Female Victims, Employees

Former Police Chief Dale Brophy is also being criticized for hiring former coworkers and officers disciplined by previous…

News November 5
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