Texas-Mexico Tornado Kills 10, Destroys 2 Schools

Published: April 24, 2007

EAGLE PASS, Texas – The Texas-Mexico border was ravaged April 25 by a tornado that killed at least 10 people, destroyed two schools and left dozens of people injured.

At least seven people were killed in the 26,000-person community of Eagle Pass, while three were reported dead in neighboring Piedras Negras, Mexico, across the Rio Grande. Five of the victims died together when the family’s mobile home slammed into a school building. A girl between 4 and 6 years old, her parents and two other adult relatives were inside the ill-fated mobile home.

A city councilman told the Associated Press that an elementary school and a preschool-like literacy academy in the rural Rosita Valley area outside Eagle Pass were completely destroyed by the tornado. Neither school was occupied, according to officials.

In addition to the fatalities and wreckage, more than 70 Eagle Pass residents and at least 87 Piedras Negras residents were reported injured. Officials say 300 homes were also damaged in the Mexican town leading to approximately 1,000 people seeking refuge in shelters.

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A fire caused by lightning from the tornado is being cited as the cause of the death of an 11th victim, a 101-year-old man near Shreveport, La.

Severe thunderstorms have also caused American Airlines to cancel about 200 flights and divert 80 in-bound flights in Dallas.

Thirty-two people were killed three years ago when a tornado hit Piedras Negras.

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