Tennessee House Permits Real Guns, Bans Water Guns Near Schools

The House of Representatives in Tennessee passed a bill that would ban fake guns from school areas while real guns are currently permitted.

A bill that would ban water guns from school areas passed the House in Tennessee, a state where you can have real guns near schools.

The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill on April 13 that makes it illegal to bring a squirt gun within 150 feet of a school as part of a wider set of regulations banning explosives, hoax devices, imitation firearms, machetes and more from school zones.

But under the federal Gun Free School Zones Act if a person has a concealed carry permit from a state they are allowed to bring real guns onto that state’s school properties.

Republican House spokesman Cade Cothren said the bill was made to cover weapons not included in the Gun Free Zones Act.

The bill’s sponsor, republican Mike Harrison, said it was made to address a specific situation, where a man known as the “Radnor Lake Rambo” has frequently frightened schools by walking around near schools with a weapon, according to The Tennessean.

But the paper has also reported that the man has carried an AR-15 rifle. In a curious twist, if the gun is fake he’d be breaking the law according to the new bill, if it’s operational it would be legal.

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