Student Takes Own Life Outside Ohio School

The school immediately went into lockdown and no other students were ever in any danger.
Published: January 6, 2017

A student died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound outside of a vocational school in Ohio Thursday.

Police announced that 20-year-old Samuel Johnson shot himself in the parking lot of Lebanon’s Warren County Career Center, according to

The incident occurred around 1:45 pm when people in the school heard a gunshot outside the building. A school resource officer investigating the noise discovered the deceased student with a gunshot wound on his head.

An emergency button on campus was pushed and the school went into lockdown mode as deputies from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department responded.

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The lockdown was soon lifted and police say no other students were ever in any danger.

Superintendent Maggie Hess offered condolences to the family and friends of the deceased student and praised the response by school officials.

“I appreciate the leadership and calm response shown by staff and students,” Hess said. “Although one can never prepare completely for an emergency situation or the loss of a student, it was obvious that our staff and students put into practice their emergency preparation training.”

The career center teaches around 700 students, many of them part-time. Students in surrounding high schools are typically bussed to the vocational school in the afternoon.

Classes were cancelled at the school Friday and parents were notified their children will be dropped off at home rather than the school in the afternoon.

Counseling services will be available for students, faculty and staff members when classes resume on Monday.

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