Stenroos Convicted in Shooting Hoax

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles School Police Officer was convicted Sept. 12 of faking his own shooting near El Camino Real High School.

Jeff Stenroos was convicted of five of the six counts against him in a non-jury trial, the Los Angeles Times reports. Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Richard N. Kirschner has yet to make a decision regarding the sixth count: filing a false police report.

The other charges included planting false evidence, insurance fraud, giving false evidence, workers compensation fraud and a misdemeanor count of making a false report of an emergency, the Associated Press reports.

Stenroos faces up to five years in prison at a Dec. 14 sentencing, the Los Angeles Times reports. Also,  city officials are seeking more than $350,000 in restitution from   Stenroos to cover the costs of the Jan. 19 dragnet, and the school district is seeking $58,000 in medical costs.

Stenroos — who claimed he was shot and then later told officers he had accidentally fired his weapon — was ordered by the judge to undergo a psychological exam at a state prison.

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