Stalkers Target Sorority Pledges on Facebook

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Nine sorority pledges from Florida State University have been targeted by one or more cyber stalkers. The students accepted friend requests from alleged sorority alumni on Facebook and were then harassed and threatened.

Similar incidents have occurred at the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Louisiana State University and the University of Tennessee. The stalker – or stalkers – claimed to be alumni of their victims’ sororities and part of the pledging process, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Victims received video chat requests in which their stalker would claim to have a broken webcam. During the one way video chat, victims were asked suggestive questions, and, eventually, told to remove articles of clothing. If the victim refused, the stalker would threaten to post compromising photos on Facebook.

Campus police Maj. Jim Russell from Florida State University thinks there are more victims and urges them to come forward. However, he thinks it will be difficult to trace the stalkers. In the wake of these incidents, several universities have sent out letters to students, warning them of the dangers of accepting requests from strangers on social networking sites.  

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