Baylor University Records Significant Increase in Sexual Assault Reports

There were 23 rapes reported to Baylor's campus authorities in 2015.
Published: October 26, 2016

Reports of sexual assault at Baylor University nearly quadrupled between 2014 and 2015.

The figure, released in the school’s annual security reports this week, has been attributed to increased awareness of resources by university officials.

In total, 23 rapes were reported at Baylor in 2015, up from just six rapes reported the year before, according to the Waco Tribune.

Of the 23 rapes reported in 2015, 21 allegedly occurred at student housing.

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“As we continue to train and educate our community, we’re starting to see an uptick of campus security authority reports,” Baylor Clery Act specialist Shelley Deats says. “That could be anyone from a professor to a coach to a dean. I would say the majority of what we saw from the last report that was just published did indeed come from Baylor police, Title IX and the Student Conduct office.”

Deats also credited former Title IX Coordinator Patty Crawford’s efforts for the increased reports. Crawford resigned earlier this month and accused Baylor of continuing to violate Title IX.

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The number of rape reports is far higher than the five forcible sex offenses recorded in 2013. Between 2009 and 2011, Baylor recorded no forcible sex offenses.

Campus Safety has reported on the steps the school has taken to improve its sexual assault awareness and response services following a rape scandal involving the football team, including removing its president and head football coach. The university also adopted new policies to handle sexual violence.

The Clery Act requires colleges to publish annual security reports detailing crime statistics on campus.

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