Sielox Class

Enhance your campus crisis management with Sielox Class - Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System.
Published: September 1, 2014

MSRP: $4,144.00

Sielox Class – Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System, enables colleges and university staff to initiate color-coded alerts in the event of an incident in their classroom, office or other location on campus from any browser connected device. Administrators, security officers and first responders view dynamic floor plans in real-time on their mobile phone, tablet or patrol car laptop. Class is more effective than a panic alarm with multiple status conditions including missing student, medical, disturbance, and emergency.

The Class system provides real-time information for both on-site and emergency personnel in any of these crisis response situations. An added benefit is the email and text notification and silent chat communication between staff, administration and responders. A 911 call out to local dispatch will be enhanced by the ability for police to view interactive classroom maps that pinpoints the danger on their computers or in their patrol cars. Class can also link to any campus security cameras to further enhance awareness and allow for first responders to make quick, tactical decisions.

Every Sielox Class system comes with Sielox AnyWare 8 access control software. Sielox AnyWare allows users to manage doors and cardholders, as well as monitor building security, all in the same system.

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Security and first responders view dynamic floor plans in real time, as well as any security campus camera, allowing for rapid deployment of responders to areas in need.

Chat silently between first responders and initiators in classrooms and offices. The system also allows for email and text alerts for off-site staff who need to be updated. Responders can now communicate silently with professors and staff to quantify and qualify the situation.

Class is a browser based product allowing for use from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device that has access to LAN, WAN, WIFI, and 3G, 4G, LTE

Class is a very unique product; it is not a mass notification system (although it can link to them) and is much more than a panic alarm. The Class system comes on an embedded appliance that connects into existing networks, allowing for easy installation that does not require the integrator to pull any wire. An add on benefit to being an embedded appliance is the system is available at a great price point. Integrators are able to offer a product that is unlike anything that end-users will see from anyone else, helping them enter new markets and gain new customers.

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