Racism Reported on Several Campuses Following Trump Victory

Multiple organizations have begun attempting to keep track of the crimes.
Published: November 14, 2016

A series of racially-motivated incidents have been reported at schools at all levels across the country following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

Anti-Trump protests occurred in several cities following the election, with full-scale riots breaking out in Portland, Oregon.

On the other hand, pro-Trump delinquency has also been widely reported, including the appearance of Ku Klux Klan leaflets around Birmingham, Alabama.

The incidents of hate crime have ranged in scale and severity and some incidents cannot be directly tied to Trump’s victory, but after such a heated campaign that polarized the country, CS feels it is worth reporting on the incidents that have affected schools.

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In total, the Associated Press has counted 20 racist incidents around the country since Election Day that were reported by media outlets. The Southern Poverty Law Center, meanwhile, reported over 200 incidents of election-related harassment or intimidation by pulling from news reports, social media and direct submissions.

We’ve listed some the campus-related incidents below.

  • At the University of New Mexico, a Muslim student reported a man in a Trump shirt attempted to pull her hijab off her head Nov. 8.
  • Just off the campus of the University of Michigan, a Muslim student was allegedly approached by a white man who threatened to set her on fire if she didn’t remove her hijab Nov. 13. The student took it off, left the area and contacted campus police.
  • Racist graffiti that included a Trump message was discovered in Minnesota’s Maple Grove Senior High School on a bathroom stall Nov. 9.
  • Racist graffiti, including a “whites only” message, was discovered on a bathroom door in Warren Township High School, located in Gurnee, Illinois. Students staged a sit in to protest the message, with many students blaming Trump’s victory for the crime.
  • Multiple black freshman at the University of Pennsylvania were threatened and harassed via racist text messages Nov. 11. The messages were later linked with three people in Oklahoma, one of which is a student at the University of Oklahoma. Many have linked the harassment to supporters of Trump, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Several Hispanic students in Columbus, Indiana reported being taunted by classmates chanting “Build a Wall” on Election Day, a common chant at Trump’s political rallies.
  • A Muslim woman at San Diego State University told police she was followed by two men making comments about Trump who robbed her and ran away. The men reportedly later returned and stole her car.

Many people have called on President-elect Trump to attempt to quell tensions surrounding the election results.

Trump has urged unity in talks with the media since his victory.

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