Psych Records Indicate Cho Denied Suicidal Thoughts


Newly released medical files on Seung Hui Cho, the shooter of the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech, which resulted in 32 people getting killed before Cho turned the gun on himself, indicate that he repeatedly told counselors that he did not have any suicidal or homicidal thoughts, reports BBC News.

According to the records, which were released Aug. 19, Cho met with counselor Sherry Lynch in December 2005. At the time, Cho had been detained in a psychiatric hospital overnight because he had conveyed thoughts of suicide.

According to the news report, Lynch wrote in her notes that Cho said the comment he made was a joke. Further, she urged him to seek more counseling; however, he never returned to the center.

A spokesperson for the university said the release of Cho’s medical records showed that the staff of Cook Counseling Center acted in a professional, appropriate manner when dealing with their evaluation of Cho.

Families for two of the victims in the massacre are claiming that the center’s former director, Robert C. Miller, was aware of Cho’s problems and failed to treat him, according to the Washington Post.

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