Private New York College Cleared in Title IX Case

Vassar College was found to have complied with Title IX in a recent court ruling by a New York judge.

A small New York college was granted summary judgment when a judge found it had done nothing wrong in a Title IX complaint.

Vassar College in Southern New York was found to have comprehensive Title IX policies and to have strictly followed them in a case where a former student argued he was discriminated against when he was expelled in 2013, according to

The former student had sexual relations with a female student in 2012 who was intoxicated, and a year later that female told the college’s counselors that the plaintiff had sexually assaulted her. Eventually, the school’s hearing panel determined the former student had violated Vassar College’s Regulations and he was expelled.

The former student argued in court that the college’s ruling was a result of discrimination. Ultimately, the judge said there was very little evidence of gender discrimination in the case.

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