Pa. Police Use Surveillance Footage to Track Down Suspected Killer

Camera footage and tips from the public helped police identify the suspect.

A suspected killer is behind bars in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania thanks to the assistance of several video surveillance cameras.

Police say Shamir Hunter, 19, can be seen on video in the area where Steven Esworthy was beaten to death while walking home from his brother’s wedding. The security camera footage helped identify Hunter after police received several tips on who was in the video footage, according to ABC 27.

The report also suggests that Hunter’s motive was to mug Esworthy for money to get synthetic marijuana and that Hunter unknowingly killed the victim.

A city police officer arrested Hunter without incident on June 25.

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Now, police are hoping to expand their database of private security cameras by asking residents and business owners to register the cameras to help aid investigations.

With the results of this investigation, it’s hard to argue against the idea.

“We need to bring closure to other victims’ families,” Police Chief Thomas Carter says.

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