App Allows Troy University Students to Text Campus Police

The new app from Omnilert has been adopted so students can text officers if they need help, witness a crime or have an emergency.

App Allows Troy University Students to Text Campus Police

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Troy, Alabama – Troy University is improving campus security with its adoption of an app from Omnilert. 

The app enables students to text on-duty campus police officers if they need help or witness suspicious activity, reports WSFA. The communications can be anonymous if students don’t want their identity revealed to officers. Additionally, the app is equipped with a red button that students can push if they experience an emergency.

The app can be downloaded for free, and university police are encouraging its use.

The adoption of the Omnilert app came after concerns came to light that some of the blue light call boxes on campus might not be working. Although all five were tested and found to be working, the app from Omnilert provides an additional layer of communication to students who don’t want to call law enforcement.

WSFA reports that despite the adoption of the app, campus police plan on keeping the blue light phones.

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