Officer Used Lessons from Va. Tech To Halt Fort Hood Shooter

Published: November 9, 2009

Civilian officer Kimberly Munley is credited with applying lessons learned from the 2007 rampage at Virginia Tech to halt an active shooter at Fort Hood Nov. 5 before he killed more victims, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

Rather than waiting for backup, Munley entered the building to confront Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, after officials say he began shooting soldiers preparing to deploy to the Middle East. Hasan is suspected of killing 13 and wounding 29. Munley fired four shots that struck Hasan.

Analysis following the shootings at Virginia Tech, where 32 died, found that first responders’ decision to wait for backup probably cost lives as that gunman moved unchecked from classroom to classroom as law enforcement gathered outside.

On Monday, Munley was reported to be in good condition, following surgery for injuries from three shots from Hasan during a hallway confrontation. She was “remarkably upbeat,” Army officials told the Associated Press.

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Hasan is also recovering from his injuries at a hospital.For more information, click here.

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