Nevada’s Latest Campus Concealed Carry Bill Dies

An amendment in Nevada’s Senate Bill 175 that would’ve allowed concealed carry permit holders to bring guns on college campuses died in a recent vote.

Nevada lawmakers voted 18-24 to defeat an amendment to a bill that would’ve allowed some people to bring guns on college campuses.

The provision, which was added to Senate Bill 175, would’ve allowed people with concealed-weapon permits to bring guns to the state’s colleges without the school’s permission. Currently permit holders have to ask permission from college administrators to bring a gun onto campus.

Eight Republicans and 16 Democrats voted against the measure, which caused Republican Assembly member Michele Fiore to angrily walk off the Assembly floor, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

There’s another bill, Senate Bill 350, yet to be voted on by lawmakers in Nevada that would give permit holders similar gun rights on colleges campuses.

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