Memphis District Considers In-House Security, Sparks Debate

Published: March 18, 2010

Memphis City Schools (MCS) is seeking to have their own security force as opposed to using the Memphis Police Department, which currently monitors the district’s schools. There are 43 officers assigned to the district.

MCS Superintendent Kriner Cash believes that the district could save money by having its own security officers, which would be known as the “peace force,” reports The Commercial Appeal. The district currently employs roughly 80 security workers. Some of them are armed and have the authority to detain students; however, they are not authorized to transport students to the Criminal Justice Center or Juvenile Court.

Those in favor of MCS having its own “peace force” say they are trying to help students by mentoring them instead of sending students to Juvenile Court.

The opposition believes that the district-trained security workers are not skilled in dealing with mental health issues.

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The number of MCS crimes reported to police has risen 30 percent, with 1,237 being reported this year, compared to 949 incidents being reported last year.

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